If you want to make a website you first need to have in mind the goal and then get the result you want from your site.

If you simply try to write a blog you can turn to the many free services offered online, such as google to https://www.blogger.com/start

If you want to revel in achieving a site from scratch and you are not a programmer, otherwise you would not be here reading this article, I would recommend to use the CMS (content management system) available free on the internet. CMS as the name help users manage and present content on their site without needing to know any programming language. Currently in circulation are the best WordPress (recommended for blogs, but whatever), Joomla (this site is designed precisely in Joomla) and Drupal. On this site you can find a large list of available CMS and also offers the possibility of a comparison: http://cmsmatrix.org/matrix

If you want a professional website with high rankings on search engines, a custom graphics and much more to offer than you need a professional. Companies that perform professional websites are called \"web agency\" and there are a host with a very wide range of prices, beware of those offering sites at bargain prices.

Errore: uncaught exception: [Exception... \"Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIDOMNSHTMLTextAreaElement.selectionStart]\"  nsresult: \"0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)\"  location: \"JS frame :: http://www.yoursite.com/plugins/editors/jce/libraries/js/editor.js?version=154 :: anonymous :: line 67\"  data: no]

Warning: Error in the interpretation of \'margin-top\'. Statement omitted.

Problem: The selected images are not included in Joomla article.

Soluzione: Do you have similar errors while writing an article in joomla? Then you are probably using JCE editor, to solve the problem you must replace the file plugins/editors/jce/libararies/js/editor.js with the file downloaded from this link.

ALERT - Include filename
“mod_mainmenu/../../../../modules/mod_mainmenu/tmpl/default.php\') contains too many “../”

The error above means that you have exceeded the limit (usually 4) of  “../” to the included files.
Most likely you\'re using a template on Artisteer CMS Joomla, in fact, the bug has been fixed with later versions of Artisteer, but can be solved manually by replacing the following line of code:
require_once dirname(__FILE__) .
str_replace(\'/\', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, \'/../../../../modules/mod_mainmenu/tmpl/default.php\');

present in the file TemplateName\\html\\mod_mainmenu\\default.php with this line:
require_once realpath(dirname(__FILE__) .
str_replace(\'/\', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, \'/../../../../modules/mod_mainmenu/tmpl/default.php\'));

Your flash movies, swf, slidershow or morfeoshow that do not work in Internet Explorer or rather the first view its ok while the next time the page is updated the swf is not loaded correctly.

This is because the swf in question have a dynamic loading of data and Internet Explorer displays the swf subsequent fetches from the cache without loading the data dynamic.

The problem can be obviated by adding a random value SWF name:
example in PHP:
srand ((double) microtime () * 1000000);
$ Randval = rand ();
<Embed src = \"filmato.swf? <? Echo $ randval;?>\"

example in ASP:
randval = int (rnd * 9999)
<Embed src = \"filmato.swf? <% = Randval%>\"

in this way for Internet Explorer the swf is always different then downloads it as if for the first time.

When installing the JCE editor can show the following error:

Could not find the file \'/templates/YourTemplate/css/template.css\' in the template or templates/system folder

This error means that your template css file does not have a dedicated editor.
To resolve this problem just copy the file editor.css present in the folder Templates\\System\\css\\ and place it on the [your template folder]\\css, then select the configuration page by the voice Components JCE - JCE Administration and enter the following fields with values:
Use Template CSS = No
Custom CSS file = templates/$template/css/editor.css