During the attempt to add the domain the following error occurred: Can not find the network path

If you want to add a computer to the domain and found the error indicated above should make the following checks in order to understand the problem:

  • Check your spelling of the domain name
  • Try adding the domain name including the final extension (eg. Local or. En)
  • Ping the server that acts as a domain controller, of course, the table must correctly answer
  • If all the above points are correct, then you just have to check the DNS setting of the client you want to access the domain

If when you uninstall a program encounter the following error:
There was an error in InstallShield (R) setup Lancher.
The application will be closed.
There may be loss of data on which it was working.

means that the specific program to uninstall, in this case InstallShield, goes wrong and then does not perform the removal.
To work around this problem you can use a program dedicated to removing as www.revouninstaller.com, the free version is adequate for this problem once installed, select the application that gave the error and you can proceed to its elimination.

Update with a new error message associated: Can not create PDF printer control

I can not run aspx pages after you install the. NET required.

We must first check if your system has Internet Information Services (IIS). For example in Windows Xp Professional is installed by default in XP Home but no, then you must go and add it with the editing feature of Xp and insert the cd of the operating system.

If you enter your Internet Information Services (IIS), but you did it after installing Framework. NET aspx pages still do not work because in this case you dinstallare on. NET Framework and reinstall it.

I have a huge problem for a number of problems ... I had to reinstall windows xp ... only that the installation of windows stops when missing 34 minutes from the end ... someone can help me ?.... x favor is important because I absolutely can not format my computer .... Please help .... thanks in advance ....


This is a peripheral issue, if you\'re using the keyboard and mouse usb test models PS2 otherwise remove all peripherals (modems, sound cards, USB ports, etc.) and then we have to forgive one at a time ...

Microsoft has an article about this: http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Bit%3B828267&x=6&y=14

You can work either as the only solution is unfortunately not that format.


It can happen that you find in \"Remove Programs\" programs that you have already uninstalled and you can not remove, delete them permanently you need to go to the following key in the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\ Microsoft\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall
and delete the entries that refer to already uninstalled software.

In windows vista programs are also key.