Do you want to create a PDF file using a free program starting with word, excel, notepad, internet explorer, etc? This is simply how to run a print.
Fact, the program PDF Creator installs a virtual printer that turns your print spool in a PDF file. So how did you know, anything that you can send to the printer you can convert a PDF file.
The program also allows you to create files of different formats including here the PDF/A and combine several print spooler to obtain a single PDF file final.
Here is the link where you can download the updated version of the program:

Problem: PDF documents with double characters, as if the same text was written over one another slightly offset.

Discussion: This effect is due to the text that is written above the entire image of the page reproduced. There is when open PDF documents with Open Office.

Solution: The PDF document was created with the \"keyword search\". This feature is present in different scanning software as Cannon Lide MP Navigator. So going to uncheck the \"Enable search for keywords”, in the program, the pdf file will no longer display issues in Open Office

Many users tell us that on some files. Pdf does not display all content, including the lettering, while the graphical structure of the document is correct.

We tested and the problem is due to the generation of the pdf document with some characters not present on devices like the Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac computers

If you send a document to pdf already created a user using these devices should do a print to file pdf (PDFCreator is fine) where the program generates an additional pdf, but this time because the content is a readable image.

Befor proceeding you must first launch ADOBE ACROBAT and accept the end user licence agreement.

This error has been deferred over X version of Acrobat Reader and pdf files on only a few.

The problem is how bizarre, in fact, the error message is displayed only when opening PDF files where the file name or the location where you saved are the characters \"CR\" in capital letters (example: nomeCRfile.pdf l \'error, but it works nomefile.pdf).

In some cases, the printing of a document Adobe Acrobat .pdf comes with strange characters or incomprehensible while the graphics may also be correct.

To avoid this problem you can set the print as an image using File-Print-Print Advanced and select the flag \"Print as image\". There may be some variations according to different versions of Acrobat but basically these are the steps.