Every time you open Microsoft Office and Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Outlook is required to accept the license.

The issue above is generally with older installations of Microsoft Office, such as the 2003 version, new systems such as Vista and Windows 7.

To overcome this problem you can change the system settings to display the permissions of an administrator, however, to solve the problem quickly and easily just search the file winword.exe via Start-Search and click on it with the right mouse button to select the item \"Run as administrator\".

This time accepting the license no longer will be asked in the upcoming openings of the program.

Perform the following steps if you have problems of slow during the opening of Word documents and Excel. Generally slow there is if you open the document already started the application.

Go to My Computer-> Tools-> Folder Options-> File Types
Posizionatevi on DOC-> Advanced
Select Open and click on the Edit button
Uncheck Use DDE and add at the end of the string \"Application used to perform the operation\" the string
\"%1\" (including quotation marks and with a space)
In practice you should have something like this:
\"C:\\Programmi\\Microsoft Office\\OFFICE11\\WINWORD.EXE\" /n /dde \"%1\"
Click OK three times.
Performed the same operation for extensions DOCX, XLS, XLSX