When I run the Open Office prints out blank pages, how to fix it?

Solution: This problem is generally due to the automatic generation of documents (especially the models) which inserts a blank page between the other interruption, and then in print out or in print preview there is blank pages while in the document that are not present.
To eliminate it simply remove the flag in the \"Print automatically inserted blank pages\" in this selection screen printer by clicking on \"Extras\" at the bottom left.

Problems with Microsoft Word that they send in error.


Quote: In Word, go to Tools / Options and select AutoCorrect tab SMART TAG. Remove the checkmark from the first box (mark text with smart tags).

If at this point Word freezes still need to disable the spell check as you type.

Using Microsoft Word may happen to open a new document or saved and display the text incorrectly, it can also be entirely in bold. This is due to the incorrect file normal.dot (Normal.dotm for those with Office 2007)

To correct the errors enough, once closed word, find the file and delete it. In this way the next time you start your Word program the file will be regenerated correctly.

Before performing the research verified that the viewing of hidden files is enabled (My Computer - Tools - Folder Options - View).

Selecting a portion of text on Microsoft Word and write the piece in question is deleted and replaced by the new entry is appended, but keeping the text selected.

This behavior is an option in Microsoft Word which can be changed from menu Tools - Options - Edit. Ticking the box \"Replace selection\", the highlighted text will be replaced by the characters typed on the keyboard.