Your hard disk is getting full and you do not know what to delete?
Want to find the files you need more space?
You want to have a graphical view of the type and size of files and folders?

Then the program WinDirStat is essential. In fact, the program analyzes the entire hard disk or folder that you selected displayed in graphic form the files and folders. The graph can now understand the larger files (larger size in the chart), the various file types (color cells) and the folders where they are located (just select the cells to display at the top of its portfolio).

Error: \"jar resources in jnlp file are not signed by same certificate\"

The above error appears when opening the program ComUnica, however, may also present in other Java web application
To be able to fix it is you must clear the Java cache from Start - Control Panel - Java in the \"Temporary Internet Files\" click the Settings button and then click \"Delete Files\".

Reporting: he sum in the status bar (bottom right) Open Office Calc is incorrect.

This warning is not really an error but just a different behavior of Open Office Calc to Microsoft Office Excel.

In Calc when you select the cells to see the amount from the status bar (bottom right) if the application takes into account other worksheets are selected, and then also their sum corresponding cells. This does not happen in Excel and some will see an error on Open Office Calc.

To the uninitiated it is in Open Office Calc and Microsoft Office Excel, you can select multiple worksheets by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the sheets you want, so writing on a single sheet editing is performed on all selected sheets.

To remove the selection again just hold down the Ctrl key and click on one sheet.

Among the many errors that may occur in the application Entratel is that concerning the press. In fact, sometimes clicking on the Print button (whether details, list, received or sent) the application performs no printing and does not report any error.
Assistance for this problem to reinstall the application Entratel but in most cases enough to change the default font of the printer from the following menu path: Operazioni- Opzioni - Stampa and then select another character.

In this article we are talking about a very useful application for network administrators.

\"Advanced IP Scanner\" it scans the entire network, however the range is selectable by the user, and provides for every IP found the machine name, NetBIOS and NetBIOS group, the MAC address of the user computer.
The result can be exported in XML format and selecting the computer may also send the command to stop the machine.

Like all the programs we offer that too is freeware and can be downloaded from the following address