Before flowing into an error on the process NMIndexStoreSvr.exe computer resources are almost fully occupied and therefore cause a global slowdown.

NMIndexStoreSvr.exe is part of Nero and is used to catalog media files on your computer then not essential to the functioning of the system and can lead to errors if you can make it immune as follows:
  • Restart your computer
  • Open the task manager and end the process in question
  • Locate the file \"NMIndexStoreSvr.exe\" on your computer and rinnominarlo in \"NMIndexStoreSvr.old\"


If during the inspection of a file by applying Entratel displays a message stating \"too many modules installed\" we must carry out thorough cleaning of the modules on the system.
As a first step uninstalling old, unused modules from the control panel / install applications.
Not all modules are, however, uninstall it using Control Panel, and then must proceed through the deletion of files in the folder C:\\Entratel\\prog\\Finance\\IDTE.
The folder can also be completely erased, however, in this case we have to reinstall the modules that are used normally.

Another common mistake is in Entatel \"Error reading file diagnosis; - error\" in this case, just reinstall the only format used and the error will disappear.

In some cases, when you shall renew the certificate you receive the message \"version Dike and Dike Util outdated\" even though the post but has all the updated applications to the latest version.

To solve this problem we must temporarily delete the file libeay32.dll in the folder c:\\windows\\system32.
Once the renewal of the certificate must replace the files in the folder indicated because it is useful to apply the signature system through Piedmont.

Do you need to block the execution of certain programs on your PC? If so, there are several programs that are for you as \"AppLocker\" or \"AppLock”.
They are simple to use because just select in the list which programs can not be executed directly, or you can put the name of the file .exe type that you want to prohibit the execution.
As you have guessed this feature is very useful and can be used in several cases.