With the advent of Windows 7 and of Windows 8 then those using VNC to remotely connect free had to look for alternatives as regards the use of this program to the latest Microsoft operating systems has become a fee.

A good alternative, but mostly free, is UltraVNC. In this article we talk about a common mistake on this application, in fact, very often there are problems with the sending of the command sequence Ctrl-Alt-Del does not reflect that the client machine (tested on Windows 7).

To solve this problem just run from the command prompt, the following string:

reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Policies\\System /v SoftwareSASGeneration /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

Click on the button \"Start\" and then \"Run\", the window as shown in the \"Open:\" type the command.

CALC - Calculator
CIADV.MSC - Indexing Service
CERTMGR.MSC - management certificates
Cleanmgr - cleaning disk
CLICONFG - utility network client SQL Server
CLIPBRD - view the contents of the clipboard
CMD prompt access to the dos
CMSTP - Setup connection profile manager
COMPMGMT.MSC - management computer
CONTROL userpasswords2 - advanced user accounts
CONTROL admintools - Administration Tools
CONTROL COLOR - properties screen
CONTROL DESKTOP - Desktop properties
CONTROL FOLDERS - folder properties
CONTROL FONTS - fonts folder
INTERNATIONAL CONTROL - options and Language
CONTROL KEYBOARD - keyboard properties
CONTROL MOUSE - Mouse properties
CONTROL NETCONNECTIONS - network connections
Dcpromo Start the installation of active directory
DCOMCNFG - services components
DDESHARE - tool for creating and managing shares DDE
Defrag C:-B - reorganization of files easier through Prefetching
Devmgmt.msc - Device Manager
DFRG.MSC - Defragmentation tool for
DISKMGMT.MSC Management data
DIALER - phone connection
DISKMGMT.MSC - disk management
Drwtsn32 - Dr Watson
DVDPLAY.exe - Windows Media player
DXDIAG - directx diagnostics
EXCEL - Excel
EXPLORER - Explorer
EUDCEDIT - custom character editor
EVENTVWR - Event Viewer

F - G - H - I - L
FIREWALL.CPL - Windows firewall

FSMGMT.MSC - sharing folders
Gpedit.msc - Group Policy (only for Windows Professional)
HelpCtr - launches online help and technical support
HYPERTRM - startup hyper terminal
IExpress - wizard that allows you to create archives and self-self
IRFTP - Wireless Link

INETCPL.CPL - Internet propriety
LABEL - create change or delete the volume label of a disk
Lusrmgr.msc - managing local users and groups
MMC - Microsoft Management Console
MSCONFIG - Microsoft configuration utility
MSINFO32 - Microsoft System Information
MSINFO32 /? - Command-line switches for Microsoft System Information
MSINFO32 /COMPUTER BIGSERVER - Viewing System Information from a remote computer
MSINFO32 /MOSTRACATEGORIE - list of categories of Microsoft System Information (in Italian)
MSINFO32 /NFO C:\\FOLDER NAME\\CONFIG.NFO - creating a nfo file on your computer\'s configuration
MSINFO32 /PCH - history of the system by Microsoft System Information
MSINFO32 /REPORT C:\\FOLDER NAME\\config.txt - create a txt file on your computer\'s configuration
MSINFO32 /showcategories - list of categories of Microsoft System Information (in English)
MSPaint - paint
N - O - P
Netsh DIAG GUI - diagnosis of network connections
NOTEPAD C: Boot.ini - Display boot.ini
NTMSMGR.MSC - Removable Storage Management

OSK - view an onscreen keyboard to be used by the mouse
PerfMon - pc performance
RECOVER - retrieves information from a disk or corrupted file
RASPHONE - network connection
REGEDIT - System Log
REGEDT32 - System Log
REGSVR32 /U [library name] - Disabling of a library
REGSVR32 [library name] - Registration of a library

SFC /SCANNOW - monitoring file system integrity
Secpol.msc - security settings
Services.msc - System Services
Sigverif - file signature verification and drivers
SHUTDOWN-s-t 00 - System Shutdown
SHRPUBW - sharing files and folders
Systeminfo - system information
Sysedit - opens in amending all critical system files (AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI)
SNDVOL32 - volume control
T - U - V
Tasklist - list of active processes
Taskkill - ending the processes on remote machines
Taskmgr - task manager windows
TELNET - Telnet
TYPE - displays the contents of a text file
UNDELETE - Restores files previously deleted (delete)
Unformat - Restore previously deleted files (format)
VER - Displays the version of ms-dos in use
Verifier - diagnostic usefulness of the system drivers
VOL - Displays the label and serial number of disk volume
WBEMTEST - tester windows management instrumentation
Winver - shows the version of windows installed on your pc
WIN.INI - win.ini display
%AppData% - opens C:\\Documents and Settings\\username\\Application Data
%SYSTEMROOT%\\SYSTEM32\\RESTORE\\rstrui.exe - Startup Repair System Configuration
%windir%\\Help\\keyshort.chm - shortcut keys

If you have a network-based Kerio Firewall may cause a disconnection with applications for Java technology on remote sites, in this case here is your solution:

1. Stop the WinRoute engine
2. Go to C:\\Program Files\\Kerio\\WinRoute Firewall
3. Edit the winroute.cfg file with notepad
4. Search for DefaultTcpTimeout
5. Set DefaultTcpTimeout to a higher value
6. Save the winroute.cfg file
7. Restart the WinRoute engine