With the advent of Windows 7 and of Windows 8 then those using VNC to remotely connect free had to look for alternatives as regards the use of this program to the latest Microsoft operating systems has become a fee.

A good alternative, but mostly free, is UltraVNC. In this article we talk about a common mistake on this application, in fact, very often there are problems with the sending of the command sequence Ctrl-Alt-Del does not reflect that the client machine (tested on Windows 7).

To solve this problem just run from the command prompt, the following string:

reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Policies\\System /v SoftwareSASGeneration /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

Click on the button \"Start\" and then \"Run\", the window as shown in the \"Open:\" type the command.

CALC - Calculator
CIADV.MSC - Indexing Service
CERTMGR.MSC - management certificates
Cleanmgr - cleaning disk
CLICONFG - utility network client SQL Server
CLIPBRD - view the contents of the clipboard
CMD prompt access to the dos
CMSTP - Setup connection profile manager
COMPMGMT.MSC - management computer
CONTROL userpasswords2 - advanced user accounts
CONTROL admintools - Administration Tools
CONTROL COLOR - properties screen
CONTROL DESKTOP - Desktop properties
CONTROL FOLDERS - folder properties
CONTROL FONTS - fonts folder
INTERNATIONAL CONTROL - options and Language
CONTROL KEYBOARD - keyboard properties
CONTROL MOUSE - Mouse properties
CONTROL NETCONNECTIONS - network connections
Dcpromo Start the installation of active directory
DCOMCNFG - services components
DDESHARE - tool for creating and managing shares DDE
Defrag C:-B - reorganization of files easier through Prefetching
Devmgmt.msc - Device Manager
DFRG.MSC - Defragmentation tool for
DISKMGMT.MSC Management data
DIALER - phone connection
DISKMGMT.MSC - disk management
Drwtsn32 - Dr Watson
DVDPLAY.exe - Windows Media player
DXDIAG - directx diagnostics
EXCEL - Excel
EXPLORER - Explorer
EUDCEDIT - custom character editor
EVENTVWR - Event Viewer

F - G - H - I - L
FIREWALL.CPL - Windows firewall

FSMGMT.MSC - sharing folders
Gpedit.msc - Group Policy (only for Windows Professional)
HelpCtr - launches online help and technical support
HYPERTRM - startup hyper terminal
IExpress - wizard that allows you to create archives and self-self
IRFTP - Wireless Link

INETCPL.CPL - Internet propriety
LABEL - create change or delete the volume label of a disk
Lusrmgr.msc - managing local users and groups
MMC - Microsoft Management Console
MSCONFIG - Microsoft configuration utility
MSINFO32 - Microsoft System Information
MSINFO32 /? - Command-line switches for Microsoft System Information
MSINFO32 /COMPUTER BIGSERVER - Viewing System Information from a remote computer
MSINFO32 /MOSTRACATEGORIE - list of categories of Microsoft System Information (in Italian)
MSINFO32 /NFO C:\\FOLDER NAME\\CONFIG.NFO - creating a nfo file on your computer\'s configuration
MSINFO32 /PCH - history of the system by Microsoft System Information
MSINFO32 /REPORT C:\\FOLDER NAME\\config.txt - create a txt file on your computer\'s configuration
MSINFO32 /showcategories - list of categories of Microsoft System Information (in English)
MSPaint - paint
N - O - P
Netsh DIAG GUI - diagnosis of network connections
NOTEPAD C: Boot.ini - Display boot.ini
NTMSMGR.MSC - Removable Storage Management

OSK - view an onscreen keyboard to be used by the mouse
PerfMon - pc performance
RECOVER - retrieves information from a disk or corrupted file
RASPHONE - network connection
REGEDIT - System Log
REGEDT32 - System Log
REGSVR32 /U [library name] - Disabling of a library
REGSVR32 [library name] - Registration of a library

SFC /SCANNOW - monitoring file system integrity
Secpol.msc - security settings
Services.msc - System Services
Sigverif - file signature verification and drivers
SHUTDOWN-s-t 00 - System Shutdown
SHRPUBW - sharing files and folders
Systeminfo - system information
Sysedit - opens in amending all critical system files (AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI)
SNDVOL32 - volume control
T - U - V
Tasklist - list of active processes
Taskkill - ending the processes on remote machines
Taskmgr - task manager windows
TELNET - Telnet
TYPE - displays the contents of a text file
UNDELETE - Restores files previously deleted (delete)
Unformat - Restore previously deleted files (format)
VER - Displays the version of ms-dos in use
Verifier - diagnostic usefulness of the system drivers
VOL - Displays the label and serial number of disk volume
WBEMTEST - tester windows management instrumentation
Winver - shows the version of windows installed on your pc
WIN.INI - win.ini display
%AppData% - opens C:\\Documents and Settings\\username\\Application Data
%SYSTEMROOT%\\SYSTEM32\\RESTORE\\rstrui.exe - Startup Repair System Configuration
%windir%\\Help\\keyshort.chm - shortcut keys

Real VNC service will not start on windows vista, why?

Answer: Real VNC Free Edition service is not compatible with Windows Vista, only the paid versions ensure compatibility.

I recommend using UltraVNC for workstations with windows Vista operating system.

If you have a network-based Kerio Firewall may cause a disconnection with applications for Java technology on remote sites, in this case here is your solution:

1. Stop the WinRoute engine
2. Go to C:\\Program Files\\Kerio\\WinRoute Firewall
3. Edit the winroute.cfg file with notepad
4. Search for DefaultTcpTimeout
5. Set DefaultTcpTimeout to a higher value
6. Save the winroute.cfg file
7. Restart the WinRoute engine

Very often access to more wireless networks from home to office and there is the need to change the TCP / IP manually to avoid this annoyance or less experienced users can use the following program in the free non-commercial: www.netsetman.com