The most common mistake in the computer can only be to a blocked program that is not responding or will not open.
Usually to solve a similar problem just restart the computer and the program continues to run but for a quick solution you can simply close the process corresponding to this program and you have solved.
To close the hung process in task manager you have to go (just hold down Ctrl-Shift-Esc) and select the processes tab and close using the button on the bottom right, the process stopped.

The operation itself is not complex, but be careful to always check the flag \"Show processes from all users\" at the bottom left and the name of the process that corresponds to your program stopped, in fact, many programs have processes with names several such as:

  • Word -> winword.exe
  • Outlook Express -> msimn.exe
  • Adobe Reader -> AcroRd32.exe
  • Interner Explorer -> iexplore.exe (be careful not to close explorer.exe)
  • Open Office Write, Calc, etc. -> soffice.bin and soffice.exe

You can find different processes with the same name, this means that you have tried several times to open the program and then close them as well, for a better identification can order by clicking on the column \"Image Name\".

How many of you have noticed after upgrading to Firefox the Google Toolbar 5 is not compatible with this version is so disabled.
There are different ways to solve this problem how to install a component to disable version control extensions, or set it by hand.
But we prefer the solution that is less dangerous because we would modify only the control version of the Google Toolbar and not all extensions.

To be able to make you find the install.rdf file in the folder of the user, use the search function of windows to find it. Probably many more files will be re-installed the extensions.
You must open the file with a text editor, which contains this inscription: \"Google Toolbar for Firefox\", when you have found just change the line:
<em:maxVersion> 4 .* </em: maxVersion> with the new line:
<em:maxVersion> 6 .* </em: maxVersion>

And so when you restarted your Firefox the Google Toolbar will be present again.

\"I can not make the signing operation all ok 0\"

The error message shown above is displayed by the program Dike when they sign a document, then the application does not terminate correctly the signing operation.

This error is displayed when the program Dike can not find/browse to the location where to write the signed document. p7m, then to solve it just set as default a short path (example: C:\\Dike) and is accessible from your user.

The choice of a professional software for managing accounting, payroll, statements, invoices, inventory, etc. is always difficult.
If this is your first time you embark on this choice does not have benchmarks is likely to fail dramatically.
To facilitate this decision, I present a list of the largest national operating in this market:

  • Sap
  • Zucchetti
  • TeamSystem
  • Sistemi
  • Seac
  • Osra
  • Buffetti
  • Passepartout
  • Prosystem
  • Inaz

It may happen that the Thunderbird mail client opens two times or more. To resolve this problem, simply delete the file session.json so the file is regenerated correctly at the next opening of the program.

To locate the file you can use the search file on your operating system or systems to XP the path is:

C:\\Documents and Settings\\USER\\Application Data\\Thunderbird\\Profiles\\PROFILE

while other windows systems you can also use this shortcut: %APPDATA%\\Thunderbird\\Profiles\\PROFILE

USER: is the user name with which you access the operating system
PROFILE: it is generally a sequence of letters and numbers that usually ends with .default