Why use a browser rather than another?

Why Firefox?

     Why has a set of extensions is not comparable to any other browser.
     Why a web developer can not help it.
     Because it is a good alternative to Internet Explorer.
     Because it is easy to use.

Why Chrome?

     Why is fast.
     Because it can be used as an alternative to Firefox.
     Because it has a minimalist graphics.
     Because it is constantly updated.

Why Internet Explorer?

     Because it is already installed on your computer.
     Because you know how to use.
     Why is the Microsoft.

Why Safari?

     Because we are in a Mac
     Why is Apple.
     Why is my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Why Opera?

     Because I want to exploit the potential of p2p in the browser.

Why another browser?

     Because I want to make alternative hurting yourself.