In this article we talk about the problems that plague the PC when you do not light, or black screen with no error message, and possible solutions to identify the cause.
The problems can be many and we separated in several places.
Some of these may seem obvious but I can assure you that are among the most frequent.

The case (the base) of the computer is turned on? Make sure the lights are on holiday or not?
If the case is on:

  • Check or replace the cable connecting the monitor.
  • Try another monitor.
  • If another monitor works does not mean that it is your fault, try to change the video card.
  • Failure on the RAM, try removing a slot of ram if you have more than one if needed.
  • Video card failure, replace the video card if you have otherwise devoted to replace the entire motherboard.

If the case is off:

  • Unplug the power cord and wait at least 30 seconds before connecting again, then try turning on your computer.
  • Check the button to turn on the power normally present near the power outlet behind the case.
  • Check or replace the power cords.
  • Check that the outlet is properly powered.
  • The computer\'s power supply could be decorated.