When installing on Joomla Avreloaded you receive an error:

JInstaller:: install: The file does not exist com_subinstall.php
Component Install: Could not copy PHP install file.


1) Unpack the component on a safe and comfortable location.

2) Navigate to inside the folder \"admin\" and locale \"com_subinstall.php\" that was he first location that the developer dump the file to correct his problem (if you look close you will see a folder inside the \"admin\" folder call \"subinstall\" and that is the original location for \"com_subinstall.php\")

3) Just placed a COPY of \"com_subinstall.php\" from the admin folder to the root folder of the \"module\". leave the original file version in the admin folder.

4) Zip the whole component installation folder same as you are zipping any new develop joomla component (you can find countless of references on zipping new components,modules an plug in for joomla)

5)Install the zip file.

6) Before anything: very important: go in to your \"image\" folder inside your live site and create two folders: \"audio\" and \"videos\" exactly as described in lower case and in the stated conjugation (audio = singular and videos= plural)