In case of erroneous closure of the program while iTunes is running a download (either podcasts or music) you could check the error Err -39, where the file is not downloaded either by clicking on the restore function.
To be able to eliminate the problem should be deleted file from the queue in the download section and from its list of podcasts/music then update the list and download the file again.

Yes, as the title indicates, in the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, you can hide video or photos.
You can also browse in peace without bothering to clear the cache in Safari.

All this is possible through an Apple Store this app called \"Stash Pro\".
In practice, this program allows the opportunity to surf the internet via a browser which they then leave no trace but not limited to Apple devices, it can be store photos and video, password-protected.
The password protection is built so well that it is not visible to all users, in fact if someone opens the app requesting the password to view protected files is only displayed pressing with three fingers on the screen within 10 seconds otherwise you see only the files
free for all.
To activate the feature described supra must select the option \"Open Private Account\" and set a password.

Were found several problems with the Samsung Corby i5500 after upgrading to the new operating system Android 2.2 Froyo.
The major problems are: the cell block, screen without icons with only the background, block and continuous reboot during the ignition and incorrect reporting of battery power.

Since it is likely that Samsung will not release the update to the Android 2.3 Gingerbread i5500 Corby the only solution to solve these problems is to do the Hard Reset the phone and then return to the previous operating system that Android 2.1

Looking for cover, protective films for the iPhone, iPad, or various mobile (Nokia, Samsung, HTC).

Here is the list of best sites where you can find your favorite film only, or in leather (even crocodile), silicone, soft plastic or hard.

  • (top of the range, high prices)
  • (for Apple)
  • (good quality with lower prices than Zagg, less choice)
  • (the lowest prices in the market but with lower quality)

It may happen that once connected the iPhone to your iTunes application will signal the \"Enable synchronization otherwise some data will not be synchronized, although the timing is already active but you can not activate it despite select the\" Yes \". In fact, the information such as Contacts, Calendar, Mail and bookmarks are not synchronized.

Trashing the folder Local  present in the User-Library-SyncService and re-synchronization.