More often than you think you\'ll have to do cleanup on your computer. Cleaning means delete unnecessary files, programs obsolete and identical copies of the same file.

The first cleaning to be undertaken, although more than a cleaning is better for regular maintenance, is to delete the temporary files of the system and several programs installed on your computer. You can do it manually or use programs like CCleaner to do the work for you.

To perform a cleaning with the goal of having more space in one partition now to the limit, we need to identify 2 types of files:
  • Large File
  • Dual identity file
Even if you think that your files do not fall into these categories should conduct an audit, it\'ll be amazed.
To identify the large files you can use the program where you can identify which files or folders occupy more space in the system and then choose how to proceed.
To identify duplicates on your file system can use this program that after a computer analysis will provide you the list of duplicates and it is up to you to decide whether to keep them for one reason or delete.

If you notice that your computer has become very slow when writing or reading your hard drive the problem may be due to the transfer mode set to PIO instead of DMA.
In fact, the Windows operating systems if they experience errors during the data transfer start to change this mode by lowering the speed up to PIO.
To test this method should access the \"Control Panel - Device Manager\" and go over ownership of the hard disk controller, where the View tab you will find the transfer mode.
If set to PIO can groped to enter the DMA uninstalling the controller driver and restarting the system. Once Windows starts automatically install the missing driver, so I ask for a new restart.
To examine whether the mode is returned to DMA.
But we must take account of the above, if the operating system has lowered the transfer mode means that there are errors then make regular backups of important data and do not trust blindly on your hard disk.

We have already discussed a full backup of the computer in this article:
Today, however, treat the data backup and precisely which programs to use and which devices will direct our choice based on possible needs that may arise.

Before starting I would like once again the importance of backups not just in office but also at home. In fact, just think that by now most users store their photos on the computer without thinking about a possible failure of the latter.
Moreover, even if aware of this think that the possibility of a taste is very remote.
In reality, the hard drive failures are the most common because they are the first to feel the wear of time and data recovery can become very difficult and expensive if not impossible.

To back up the data there are several methods and / or applications.
The backup can be done manually by copying the new folders on the computer also added on the external device or use applications appropriate for this type of task.
Obviously the choice is very wide and also price differences, we start from the professional ones, with about 800 € to finish in the free ones for home use.
Programs free of charge is less reliable than those that are professional but have different features and functionality from your professional services (eg at home can do without an encryption of files stored), hereinafter set before you a list of freeware programs tested starting from the best:

  • SyncBack
  • GFI Backup
  • Macrium Reflect Free

As for external devices such use should reflect the data that you want to store. Many people, having these devices a high capacity, I insert all the data on it and not on the computer then the security of the backup in this manner is less.
Some devices also address this problem because they contain within it more hard drives and RAID system based on the data is replicated or not.
So the first characteristic to consider for your device and if you have multiple hard drives in the external device, the cost of the equipment currently is around 250 €.
The second feature to consider is certainly the communication system which determines the transmission speed and ease of use. The best transmission speed can now be obtained using the USB 3 port (which should be available on both the device and the computer) or via a network port (the device in this case is called NAS).
Another feature that ultimately distinguishes the external storage devices is the ability to provide data running player also features a video / audio, it is possible to connect devices such as televisions or iPhone to view movies, photos and songs the backup device.

In this article we talk about the problems that plague the PC when you do not light, or black screen with no error message, and possible solutions to identify the cause.
The problems can be many and we separated in several places.
Some of these may seem obvious but I can assure you that are among the most frequent.

The case (the base) of the computer is turned on? Make sure the lights are on holiday or not?
If the case is on:

  • Check or replace the cable connecting the monitor.
  • Try another monitor.
  • If another monitor works does not mean that it is your fault, try to change the video card.
  • Failure on the RAM, try removing a slot of ram if you have more than one if needed.
  • Video card failure, replace the video card if you have otherwise devoted to replace the entire motherboard.

If the case is off:

  • Unplug the power cord and wait at least 30 seconds before connecting again, then try turning on your computer.
  • Check the button to turn on the power normally present near the power outlet behind the case.
  • Check or replace the power cords.
  • Check that the outlet is properly powered.
  • The computer\'s power supply could be decorated.

The following message \"Error 628: The connection was closed by the remote computer before it is completed\" is displayed when you attempt to connect to the internet with your stick, it does not matter the brand Huawei, etc..

The main cause of this report is the lack of credit Tim, Vodafone, Tre or Wind and therefore it is the internet connection is rejected by your telephone operator.
So before you try a reinstallation of the program along with their driver checked before the credit on your SIM.