When you connect to a remote desktop and your printer does not appear we must first make sure that the drivers for your printer are on the server.
After that, if the operating system of server is Windows Server 2000 or 2003 should follow the steps below to resolve a known problem, because the server can not remap the ports directly for DOT4_USB or those connected to the network with the network adapter and TCP / IP protocol.
Click the Start button
click Run, type regedit and then click OK.

Locate and double-click on the following registry keys:
Terminal Server Client

RDPDR select the key and choose New, then DWORD Value.
Type FilterQueueType and press ENTER (you must meet capitalization and leave no gaps)
Click Modify on the Edit menu.
Type ffffffff then click OK.
Close the registry editor and connect to Remote Desktop

If you are using the various online applications provided by INAIL, INPS, Telemaco, Webtelemaco, Comunica, etc. and the website does not work by submitting the following reports: The operation failed, failed connection, test the connection, check if you have typed the correct site Internet, the requested server is not online, etc.

Then the problem is your firewall that blocking the communication, because the communication protocol is made by xml string and most firewalls deemed to potentially dangerous.

So to solve this problem we need to create an appropriate rule on the firewall to unblock communication with all protocols to address: - dominio02b.inps.it -

These days the TIM has modified the settings for sending mail and then all users will have to adapt if they want to send an email via the SMTP of the TIM.

The SMTP has remained the same, however mail.posta.tim.it has become mandatory authentication using an account IBOX.

The user account IBOX is your cell number following Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

If you do not have an account IBOX you can activate it by calling your telephone number on 41901 (surcharge) and follow the instructions.

So once obtained usernames and passwords that you have to set the outgoing mail server requires authentication and enter your credentials.

Sometimes the internet can be slow or even blocked due to DNS settings on your system.
The DNS (Domain Name System) allows the translation of the address you typed in the internet browser (eg www.problem-error.com) in the corresponding IP address and forward. For this reason, the answer to this translation impact on surfing speed.

To check what is the fastest DNS for your line comes to our aid program, \"DnsJumper. The program timing the response times of the various DNS returning ones faster, and then via the corresponding button on the program applies the DNS server \"you can set the DNS on your system.
The only trick is that during the test are not running programs that take advantage of wireless Internet.

If you have problems with fatigue after working on the computer check the refresh video. We must strike the right balance between the frequencies available on your monitor, but generally agrees to set the highest.
To make this change, click the right mouse button on the desktop, select \"Display\", \"Advanced Settings\" and then open the \"monitor\". Finally, select the desired frequency. If this frequency is not suitable to your computer a few seconds without it.