The amounts paid to students aged between 14 and 18 years under a scholarship are not taxable personal income tax purposes.

The statement was issued by the Inland Revenue stating that such payments are not designed to support the attendance of specific training courses and, therefore, can not be classified among the scholarships taxable (as income from employment).

The title may wonder, however, so, in fact, the National Board of Advisors of Labor stated that the superminimum may be reduced or even eliminated in the presence of an individual agreement. Moreover, the consent of the worker may be \"tacit\" not opposed to the new pay conditions.
Instead superminimum established by the collective agreement is subject to the requirements of the law.

For 2010 there is an incentive provided by INPS for employers whose companies have not carried out within 12 months prior to reductions of staff with that qualification, hiring workers for the unemployment unintended recipients. The incentive is equal to the allowance due to the employed and paid under normal procedures.

From January 2010 can be obtained from the banks that join the agreement signed between the ABI and other representatives of the Center for the suspension of the first home mortgage payments for a period of 12 months.

Can benefit from this agreement, the families falling into one of the following case studies:

  • Loss of job
  • Cessation of self-employment
  • Death of one of the members of the household that supported the family with his salary

In addition to speed the whole procedure, the INPS has made available the \"Suspension of Mortgage\" useful to banks for verification of self-certifications received on the request for suspension rate mortgage.

According to the provisions of the Directive n.64/2007/CE PSD (Payment Services Directive, PSD) from November 1, 2009 are varied operating modes:

  • You can not do debit currency transfers with the previous day in which it is charged. So the currency\'s charge will be equal to the date of the order, removing the possibility of paying to indicate the currency in favor of the payee.
  • The amounts transferred by wire are available to the beneficiary on the day of accreditation on behalf of the Bank.
  • IBAN code becomes mandatory as unique identifier must be indicated for the execution of credit transfers.