With this article we want to solve the major problems encountered with the Facebook Video Calling.

To function properly the Facebook video call requires flash player and java components, we have made both words links to access its sites for any installation or upgrade.

If verified and updated these components video calling still does not work then you must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to \"Start - Control Panel - Programs and Features\"
  2. Uninstall \"Facebook Video Calling\"
  3. Uninstall if present \"Skype\"
  4. Then try to re-install the Facebook video call.

If everything works perfectly you can reinstall Skype.

Problems with audio? Can not you hear your favorite CDs and songs?
The most common problem in this case is due to the sound driver then check this together:

  • Let\'s go to Settings - Control Panel - Device Manager (Device Manager)
  • Probably the list that appears at the top you have a page with the yellow triangle icon. Well this means that there is some component of the computer that is not installed correctly.
  • Click the right mouse button and select \"update driver\" in successive choices rival even the flag of the research on the internet
  • If the audio driver automatically searches have not solved the problem then you can install \"AC 97 audio driver\" that very likely will resolve. Once downloaded the file from the following link you can install it and restart the computer audio will return to work as before.

Reinstall from scratch a computer can become problematic if you do not have all the drivers installed components.
If no network card driver, you must use another computer to run the endless Internet searches are necessary to identify the right drivers for your computer.

Double Driver program in portable version solves these problems, it copies all the drivers on the old machine and reinstall the new transfer on a USB stick.
The program is very simple and usually just leave the default selection set to make a backup / restore the correct driver.

error 1316 network error occurred while attempting to read from the file

The error appears in most cases when you are upgrading a program.

To solve the problem should uninstall all previous versions of the program you are installing.

Then download this tool http://windows-installer-clean-up.software.informer.com/ to clean and remove installations present of the program.

Then try reinstalling the program.

Why use a browser rather than another?

Why Firefox?

     Why has a set of extensions is not comparable to any other browser.
     Why a web developer can not help it.
     Because it is a good alternative to Internet Explorer.
     Because it is easy to use.

Why Chrome?

     Why is fast.
     Because it can be used as an alternative to Firefox.
     Because it has a minimalist graphics.
     Because it is constantly updated.

Why Internet Explorer?

     Because it is already installed on your computer.
     Because you know how to use.
     Why is the Microsoft.

Why Safari?

     Because we are in a Mac
     Why is Apple.
     Why is my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Why Opera?

     Because I want to exploit the potential of p2p in the browser.

Why another browser?

     Because I want to make alternative hurting yourself.