If in the Event Viewer on your computer or domain server encountered the following error messages:

  • The computer PC-NAME had tried to connect with the server \\\\2003SERVER using the trust relationship established by the domain DOMAIN-NAME.
  • The computer has lost the correct security identifier (SID) when the domain was reconfigured. Reestablish the trust relationship.
  • The time provider NtpServer encountered an error while digitally signing the NTP response for peer 192.168.0.XX: 123.
  • NtpServer not able to provide the client with one hour in protected mode (with signature), then ignore the request. Error The specified user does not exist. (0x80070525)

means you have to redo the station to join the domain indicated.
These errors are caused due to reinstallation of the domain server or workstation, it is not enough that the domain or computer have the same names because the join is valid. So if your computer is already on domain should exclude it and reinsert it. In this case we must be careful to restore the data to the user profile because it will create a new one (will discuss this in the next article).


In this article we talk of copying the user profile.
In fact after a rejoin the domain or a link to a new domain, the existing user profile data is not there anymore.
Actually there are still only the data that Windows XP has created a new user profile is attributed to the different folders.
There are several methods for copying the user profile, Microsoft also features its own well described in various articles scattered throughout the Internet. But to copy the profile due to rejoin the same domain the best way to not have problems is the following:

1. Excluding the PC from the domain as part of a workgroup any. Reboot.
2. Log on as administrator user, then reinsert the machine domain. Reboot.
3. Access the domain with your username and password. Windows will run the first user\'s settings because the desktop will appear as classic.
4. Make the user administrator of the machine.
5. Restart and then log into safe mode (via F8)
6. Then log in as administrator in safe mode, locate the folders of the old profile present in \"c:\\documents and settings\\old user\" and copy the profile recreated from XP. Make sure you copy all files including hidden ones and see what good the old and the new profile, if not lose your files, in order to avoid this problem you can just see the files on the desktop of both profiles to realize .
7. Reboot normally and enter your user. At this point all your data and settings will reappear again without doing further work. Identified only drawback is that it must re-enter the password of your accout in Outlook Express.

Windows 7 (Seven) brings a dowry task manager updated with useful features.
To view it you need to click on Start - Run and type \"Resmon\" then click \"Ok\".

The most useful feature is what allows us to see if a program is blocked after waiting for another program or process running, to do this select the blocked process, then click on \"View Pending chain”.

Forgot your password Windows XP or Vista?
No problem, there is a free program that suits you. It\'s called ophcrack and you can download the following link.

Operation is simple as downloading an ISO image that you burn to a CD, then restart your computer with the CD inside.
As the program is a Linux Live CD auto start and its cargo shows a screen with the list of Windows users identified by the program. From here you can select the desired user and click on \"Launch\" to locate the password.
The duration depends on the drafting of the password length to locate.

If the Internet browser you can not hear the audio (web radio, youtube, media, etc.) the problem can be solved simply by changing the registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Drivers32
which must have the key wavemapper and within the value msacm32.drv

Update: The answer given solves to the problem even if you do not hear the sounds of the various operations in the operating system