To prevent changes of the desktop background, screensaver and other settings simply create entries in the registry:
Then open the registry (Start - Run - regedit - Enter) and change to the key:
(if the key System does not exist you must create it).

Within this set up values for the restrictions are all DWORD values that are created by Edit - New - DWORD Value and give name as the names mentioned below, which you enable by double clicking on each item and assign the value 1:
  • NoDispBackgroundPage: Hides \"Background in Control Panel - Display\".
  • NoDispScrSavPage: Hides \"Screen Saver in the Control Panel - Display\".
  • NoDispAppearancePage: Hides \"Appearance in the Control Panel - Display\".
  • NoDispSettingsPage: Hides Settings in Control Panel - Display \".
These changes do not require restarting the computer to work.